Go with the flow

In the early 1990s, the smelter in Ranshofen was decommissioned, with the site since shifting its activities to the production of high-quality cast and wrought aluminium alloys based on the use of solid metals and with a focus on recycling. At the same time, a clear focus on our customers has remained the foundation of our corporate philosophy and promotes long-term cooperation in a spirit of partnership. In addition to its role as a product supplier, AMAG also considers itself an innovator, a technology specialist, an expert consultant on the entire production chain and a manufacturer of sustainable products. Reducing CO2 emissions has become an increasingly important objective in recent years. In this context, transporting cast alloys in a liquid state can help to reduce associated CO2 emissions.
Adopting such a holistic perspective makes it possible to continuously optimize the benefits for our customers. AMAG casting has significantly increased its turnover by focusing on this crucial factor and aims to increase its sales volumes to exceed 100,000 tons in the years ahead.

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